domenica 31 ottobre 2010

Lutterloh System International 1979 - Pics

Here are few pictures of the outifts I can't really wait to sew for myself...

 Patterns # 36, 37, 38
 In this pattern you have two differents blouses, two skirts and a bow-collar which you can put on when you want to be more girly...
Obviously you can mix the pattern pieces as you want...
 Patterns # 54, 55, 56, 57
 Here is a pattern more romantic, with a short shirt with yoke, a skirt with in side pockets, a blouse with long loose sleeves, the belt and an other skirt with out side lovely, isn't it?
 Patterns # 142, 143, 144
These outifts are more "your boyfriend", but are so cute!! Here you have a vest, trousers and a jacket...
 Patterns # 172, 173
In this gorgeous pattern you have a dress in two different ways, one with a three levels gathered skirt, the other one with two levels and ruffles on the bust...

 Patterns # 186, 187
I decided I will sew the dress on the left for my Graduation Ceremony!! I definately adore it!! It looks more 60s than 70s, isn't it?
 Patterns # 254, 255, 256
For the next summer I will sew the first outfit, which is a romper!! So lovely with those gathered shoulders and the big pockets...and I think I will sew even the safari shirt.

 Patterns # 259, 260
Wow, this outfit is genial!! You have a dress, so simple and so stylish, and you can add on it a reversible words!!

Patterns #279, 280
This is an horse riding outfit, with a beautiful jacket and very particular now-a-day!!

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