domenica 26 settembre 2010

Sew Retro: Giveaway!!

Here is a wonderful and useful giveaway: you can have the possibility to win thousands metres of thread, in differents colors!! AMAZING!!

Here is the it now, don't think...
Sew Retro Giveaway.

Finger crossed!!

Next Projects.

Let me show you some inspiration for you (and sure, for me too...)

I really love this cape, Lindsey, from Burda.

This super cute Cape is made out of maroon herringbone wool and lined with red herringbone. It has this great English country-living feel that makes you think of a walk in the woods. A creative transition piece from a light jacket to your big winter coat, this really can be worn in any season depending on your fabric choices.
 I can have the pattern for $'s a little difficult, but love is love, isn't it? I really hope I can find the same wool fabric.

Then, I would like to sew this easy shirt, created by Ichigogirl...
The pattern is basically a square, 60×60cm’s, with a 30 cm long neck opening and 20cm long sleeve openings. The neckline is lowered 2,5cm’s in the front and 1,5 cm’s in the back to make it more comfortable. And that’s it!

 And, at least, I want to sew my own Le Sac Dress, following my tutorial...

Of course I will sew my vintage patterns, the moment they arrive here...Can't wait!!


And I finally found a shop close to my new house....of "tejidos", well, fabrics!!
It looks like it should be quite cheap (not like the one I found in the city center which was really really expensive!!)...It has every kind of fabrics, from cottons to silk, to's my dream!!
On Tuesday I'll have a look there and post some pictures....

See you soon

giovedì 23 settembre 2010

Cute Sewing Machine + 10% sale!!

This is a really great news!! Drum roll....................................

I bought a very cute little sewing machine!!
 Here it is...
 It comes with:
  • 12 design patterns
  • 4-step button holes.
  • Double height foot.
  • Feed dogs dropping.
  • 2 speeds.
  • Changing presser foot.
  • Automatic bobbin winding.
  • "Z" stitch.
  • Reverse function.
  • Portable.
  • Free arm.
  • Incorporated motor.
  • Lamp.
  • Foot pedal.
  • Transport handle.
  • Set of accessories.
  •  Adaptor 6V.
  • And a 2 years warranty!!
It's a famous spanish trade mark, Jata costura, and I paid this very good sewing machine only €59,99!! It works really well, like the big ones, trust me!!
I told you I would have solved my lack of a sewing machine...and I have done!!
Can't wait for the fabric and the patterns to come!!

Yesterday I bought two paper roll for €0.60 each: these are paper tablecloth, but I will use them to copy my vintage pattern...How smart am I?? :P

An other great news!!
For the ones of you who want to buy vintage patterns on the web I have a very big surprise!!
Lisa, the owner of Your Pattern Shop (I have reviewed it on Mon(day)Review...) gave me a very useful present, a coupon code for a 10% off purchases!!
Thank you so much, Lisa!!

Coupon code is: LUCIA10

Well, see you soon....

mercoledì 22 settembre 2010

Good news!

Good news, my friends!!
The patterns have been shipped and my boyfriend is coming to visit me...Do I need more now in my life??

See you soon

PS: In the next week I don't know how much I'll write on this enjoy what I have allready written, for now! A big kiss to all of you... :)

martedì 21 settembre 2010

YourPatternShop - Mon(day)Review

 The new Mon(day)Review is my favorite vintage-pattern-selling website, Your Pattern Shop!!
I love this website, it's the first one I found out in world wibe web and it seems to me like a little private corner, something secret...I just can't explain...
Here you can find, for real, every pattern you need from the 30's to now-a-days' every style, every kind and from easy to difficult ones!!

I really recommend to buy here your firsts vintage patterns, in addiction the owner, Lisa, is really kind and helpful...

Well, see you soon whit the next Mon(day)Review!!

sabato 18 settembre 2010

Vintage Shopping!!

As I was in the mood for shopping I bought these amazing vintage patterns.

First of all this 60's simple pattern which I can modify in every way I want. It is a fitted A-line dress, size 12 bust 34...I bought it for 8$, without any shipping cost...AMAZING!!
Here is the link of the website ---> Vintage Stitiching

 Then I bought this 70's patterns on LanetzLiving, one is a loose dress  with a belt and a vest, the other one is a long west with trousers...Aren't they so lovely??

How much did I spend?? 22,5$, including the shipping (17,23€!!!)
I can't wait to work on these!!
See you soon

I bought on Patterns from the Past these three patterns from differents years, for only $3 each (€2.3)!!
They are skirts, many kind of them...

Only the 3rd picture is from the original website, the other ones are from the internet (the sizes are different, I bought pattern with 27" waist and 38" hips).
Lovely lovely lovely!!

venerdì 17 settembre 2010

Some Inspiration: Nina A/W 2010/2011

I know, it's a sign...this name return back to way, it has to be a reason...
I have called my contest design Nina Swing Dress in honour of my cousin and best friend Nina, who died 3 years and a half ago...and now I found out this amazing stylist who has called her Autumn-Winter collection of this year is her reason:

'Nińa' A/W 2010 - 2011
'Nińa' is inspired by the destiny of Eunice Kathleen Waymon, known as Nina Simone. All she wanted was to play the piano. Instead she started to sing and became passionate about the civil rights movement. She was as much talented as she was stubborn. 'Nińa' is about both the strengths and fragility of one woman, who falls under 'supergirl' category.
Here is her website ---> Ludmila Corlateanu
I have chosen few pictures to share with you...


News news...
Well, I almost reached the 100 views on my BurdaStyle account: so happy!!

I have ordened on internet a piece of fabric (2 mts), on this website: Cheap Fabrics
<---this is the color, Olive, my boyfriend has chosen it, so, if you don't like it, it's not my fault!!

Can't wait to start again sewing...the problem it that I need a sewing machine, but I'm working on this little particular.. :)

See you,

Update: I have decided I'll use this fabric to sew this 70's dress...I love it, I really hope it will be like the one in the drawing!!

The dress I want to make is the one in blue, but I think I won't sew the pockets like in the picture but like the ones in the dresses 2 and 4...what do you think?

Pattern bought on YourPatternShop !!

mercoledì 15 settembre 2010

Shabby Apple's Dare to Design!! The Nina Swing Dress

Well...I dare!
I know, I can't draw well like a designer (I study medicine, sorry), I can't sew like a stylist, but I can imagine like everyone does, and more, I can dream...and I want to dare!

Shabby Apple's Contest

 This is my dress design for Shabby Apple's dresses:
 Please, forgive my English, it's not my mother tongue...
Let me introduce it...The orginal idea was something ethereal, I really like sheer dresses but I know they can't suite women, so I preferred to use shades...two levels for the skirt and only one for the top. I have chosen a silk chiffon georgette for the sunburst skirt to create the sheer, using it over a dupion silk fabric, used both under the chiffon and for the top, to create something well the project the sleeves are in chiffon, with pleats at the end...
Secondly, I love pintucks!!I put them on the top, because they give a vintage look at the garment, and as a continous I design this sunburst skirt, in chiffon. In the project I put pleats along the collar and on the edges of sleeves...the dress has buttons on the front, a lot of them...
I have chosen as color the peach one, because it makes me think of something sweet, smooth and, even though peaches are not spring fruits, they remind me something like the sun and the heath of it...but I think the dress could be delicious in light green (as Manzana Swing Dress, manzana is apple in spanish...) and in light blue (Cielo Swing Dress, cielo is sky in italian...), they can recall spring, can't they?? :)
Finally, I called this dress NINA SWING DRESS...
So, my inspiration are the fresh frizzy air of spring, the sun and fruits...

Finger crossed!!

martedì 14 settembre 2010 - Mon(day)Review

I know, it's Tuesday, but yesterday I totally forgot to add a new Mon(day)Review...sorry!!

Today's Review is on, a sewing and crafts website, where everything is totally free!!
If you are new in sewing you can click on Guidelines for Sewing, it'll be opened a new window with a menu: just choose what you need and start sewing!

If you need some inspiration choose between the free projects...there are even project specific for holidays!

What I really recommand in this website is using the SEW-lutions, well, the guidelines...very clearly explained.

See you on next Monday!!

Can I dare?

Decision time...I need time...
I can't sew in this period, I can't use my hands and for this I'm feeling useless...but, I can handle it.
I have something to do, in a different way a new experience...
I'll let you know what this is all about...for now, take care!
See you soon

sabato 11 settembre 2010

Le Sac Dress - Tutorial

Beh, questa parte la scriverò in sono tanti tutorial in inglese ma nessuno in italiano...

Macchina per cucire (ovviamente si può pure cucire a si ha pazienza)
Filo da cucito (che si intoni con la stoffa)
1 mt di stoffa tipo jersey ---> un rettangolo da 1.3 mt x 1 mt
tessuto per la stringa ---> 1.3 mt x 20 cm

1. tagliare due pezzi di tessuto di 130 cm di lunghezza e 8 di altezza
2. cucire i due pezzi lungo una delle estremità corte, unendo dritto con dritto
3. piegare a metà la striscia con il dritto all'interno quindi cucire lungo l'estremità lunga
4. cucire una delle estremità corte e tirare fuori il dritto (io di solito uso un cucchiaio di legno...)
5. cucire l'estremità rimasta.

Bene, la stringa è fatta!!
Passiamo al vestito...

6. tagliare la stoffa del vestito in due parti in modo da formare due rettangoli, ciascuno di 1 mt x 65 cm
7. cuciamo il giromanica: pieghiamo per 21 cm (ovviamente lungo il lato lungo di entrambi i pezzi) circa 2 cm e mezzo e cuciamo
8. a questo punto pieghiamo la parte superiore della stoffa per fare un canale in cui far passare la stringa: abbiamo bisogno di circa 4 cm, per fare in modo che la stringa si muova comodamente. Cuciamo sia dove pieghiamo sia dove arriva la parte pieghiata.
9. cuciamo le due parti del vestito insieme, fermandoci all'altezza del giromanica.
10. inseriamo la stringa nel canalino (è facile se si utilizza una spilla da balia)

Et voilà gioco è fatto!
Ora potete sbizzarrirvi nell'indossarlo!!

PS: ovviamente le dimensioni del vestito possono variare in base ai vostri desideri...diciamo che avete le istruzioni per crearlo ma tutto sta in voi nel farlo alla vostra maniera...
Se create questo vestito, potete aggiungere un commento con il link della foto??

venerdì 10 settembre 2010

Infinity dress

What do you think of an Infinity dress?? What is that?? Well, it is a dress, so simple and so easy to make that you can wear it in many (many, for real) ways!!

Photo The Globe and Mail

Can you imagine that??
You can wear the same dress in many different occasions...for night date, for a wedding party, for your prom...
And it's so easy to use, just following the instructions!

I really want one Infinity dress, sewn by me...
I'll post some instructions for a similar dress, "Le sac dress". It is not the real infinity dress, but is very very easy to sew it and to wear.

Photo The Globe and Mail

See you soon with the tutorial!!

giovedì 9 settembre 2010

Hawaiian High-Waist Skirt

 I kept this skirt for last...and now I really want to show it to you...I really love it, because is simple, funny, strange and easy. And for sure, because is sewn by me!

It's based on this skirt, but it's a bit different. It is more high-waisted, it has only two pleats on the front pieces and two darts in the back one. 

A penny for your thoughts!


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mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Vivat Veritas $50 Guest Giveaway

Here it is a new Grosgrain's Giveaway:
Vivat Veritas $50 Guest Giveaway

I looked on Chie blog and well, I fell in love with her style!! Especially with this dress and this other one!!
I know, the giveaway is only for $50, but for sure I can afford $20, can't I?? :)

Well, finger crossed...and, as we say in Italy, "che Dio ce la mandi buona!!"

I leave here the link of Chie Duncan's blog, Vivat have to visit her!!
See you...

lunedì 6 settembre 2010

Burda Style - Mon(day)Review

Get started with a new project, the Mon(day)Review!! I decided to review a sewing website every's so funny and so interesting for the ones of you who want to start sewing or just improve the skills!!
This Monday I'll review BurdaStyle, the American forum-blog of the Burda fashion patterns.

In the home page there is a main window, which reclaims the the top members creation, new patterns and new techniques added on the site.
If you are looking for new patterns, just click on PATTERNS and you can choose between houndreds of them (free or sold by Burda Style, very cheap...).
If you want to get ideas and inspiration go to PROJECTS and review members creations.
If you want to improve your skills or want to understand better how to use the sewing machine, I recommend to click on LEARNING.

In general, it's a very easy to use website, with everything a sewing-addicted can need...even more!!
I really love this website!!

Get ready for the next Mon(day)Review!!

domenica 5 settembre 2010

Mohito Refashion Frock - Tutorial

 I really love Grosgrain's design...she is so good in sewing that I think she should create her own line of dresses...
To keep in mind to myself I'm in a hot Country (Spain...) I fell in love with this dress, so simple and so easy to make! I have to say, here I don't have a sewing machine (I'm really sad, because it became to me like an addiction...and you know why...) so I have to wait till the next summer to create new dresses for myself...but if you are still in summer mood, add this dress to your guardrobe!! --->Tutorial

Mi sono realmente innamorata delle creazioni di Grosgrain: è così brava a cucire che secondo me dovrebbe creare una sua linea di vestiti!!
Per rimanere, ancora per qualche tempo, in tema con l'estate vorrei aggiungere questo vestito semplice e facile da cucire...purtroppo qui dove mi trovo non ho con me la macchina da cucire (che nonostante l'abbia usata solo un mese è ormai diventata come un'ossessione per me...) quindi devo aspettare la prossima estate per crearmi nuovi per quelle che sono ancora convinte che l'estate non se ne sia ancora andata, divertitevi con questo ---> Tutorial

venerdì 3 settembre 2010

Canvas Beach Bag - Tutorial

 Well, now that I'm few minutes away from the beach, under the sun, with this very hot weather and with a summer which, at it seems, doesn't want to shade away, I want to add a tutorial to create a wonderful and useful beach bag!! On Elle Apparel's website it's well explained how to sew by yourself this bag ---> Tutorial

See you soon with a new project...

Beh, ora che mi ritrovo a qualche minuto dalla spiaggia, al sole e al caldo di un'estate che, a quanto pare, non vuole finire, perchè non aggiungere il tutorial per creare una bellissima borsa da spiaggia?
Sempre sul sito Elle Apparel, di cui ho parlato in un post precedente, è spiegato (in inglese) come creare da sè questa capiente borsa ---> Tutorial

A presto, con un nuovo progetto...
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