martedì 9 agosto 2011

H&M Fall-Winter...

Yes, I know, it's a bit early to start thinking about new clothes for the next season...but I haven't bought so many clothes with sales (I had/have to study) ... :(

Watching on H&M italian website I just find out what I want to start the next academic year with a new vibe...

What I saw this year is that in the main franchising shops (like H&M and Zara) skirts are shorter than ever! I mean, I'm not that kind of skinny girl the fashion world wants, but I'm not even a fat one...I'm in the middle, but I just feel unconfortable with all my thighs in "open air"...What kind of woman do they want?? And the super skinny jeans? Oh Gosh, I can't even put one of my legs inside of's so stressing and hurts so much... My boyfriend says I don't have to be worry about this stupid things, but when you are across the street in Italy (expecially in northern Italy) you can feel everyone's eyes on your body...and you have to be kind of perfect in your way...and I'm not...
So the only skirt I found out wearable for me is this one:

It's so ethereal...

This year my mom promised me to buy a new fall jacket (the last one I bought was in 2007...) so I need a good one to wear for the next 3-4 years.

I really like the second one, the first one may be too short.
And more, this year it's blazer time: what do you think of these ones??

I love them all!! ;)
Well, I'll go back to my books...see you!!

martedì 5 luglio 2011


Wow, unbelievable...It has been a while since I posted the last post...I'm so sorry!! I was sooooo busy in Spain: I finally ended my courses there and flight back to Italy last good to be at home!!

By the way, I haven't sewn (or ended sewn) anything, I'm sorry...
I'll post for you some pics for will love it!! :)

These four creation are from UrbanOutfitters.

These last dresses can be found on Debenhams.

Well, I really hope to not let you wait so much for the next post... ;)
See you soon.

mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011

San Valentine crafting III

I haven't forgotten Saint Valentine is almost here so I will add some more tutorials I found here and there just to be prepared for your perfect "Day of Love"...

Hope you enjoy creating these!! :)

Cascading Garden Pom Poms (here)

Rick Rack dish towel (here)

Heart pillow with love note (here)

mercoledì 19 gennaio 2011

Shoe Sugar Month: Day 13 SIZZIX BIG SHOT GIVEAWAY!!

Shoe Sugar Month: Day 13 SIZZIX BIG SHOT GIVEAWAY!!

Here it's the new Grosgrain Giveaway!!

I tried so many times to win the Silhouette machine, but I wasn't so lucky...I really need a machine like this in my new house...I'm thinking of decorating it with flower garlands and colors!! :)

I really hope Kathleen would choose me, this time...fingers crossed!!

venerdì 14 gennaio 2011

San Valentine crafting

So, how were you holidays? Mine were fabulous!! I staid in Italy three weeks and I enjoyed every single second I passed there!! :)

And now, let's show you same cute crafting for San Valentine...It will be in a month!! <3

Hope you enjoy, and I'm sorry for the looooong waiting!!

Candy Heart pillows (here)
Pom pom (here)

(And here it is a very short tute to how to create pom poms!!)

Felt Fortune Cookies (here)

And here it is warm idea for your neck during these chill month (here in Spain I now have 22°C, so I don't need it...)...

Winter warmer cowl (here)

See you soon, I promise!! ;)

mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gifts!!

And here we are with the last minute hand made gifts...hope you can find some inspiration! :)

Hat and mittens set (here)
Zippy wallet (here)
...and if you need ideas for children's gift, I think these tutes would help you... ;)

Foamies (here)
Playdough (here)
Lap desk (here)

domenica 12 dicembre 2010

Crafty Christmas III

I really hope you can forgive me...I haven't written for so long...I'm sorry, I had an exam on the 5th and untill now I was here and there (Madrid!!!) with my boyfriend during the holydays...

Here I post some last ideas for's coming so fast this year and I haven't allready bought a gift...well, I will think on it in this week before go back home to Italy...

Hope you enjoy!!

Ruffled Ribbon Christmas Tree (here)

Recycled Christmas Decorations (here)


Vintage Pastel Christmas (here)

The next post will be about last-minute handmade gifts...stay tuned!! :)
Have a happy Sunday...
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