domenica 31 ottobre 2010

Vogue Vintage Knitting Book - 1960

Ok, seriously, I really think my obsession for vintage is becoming pathologic!!
Look what, my evilish ill mind imposed me to buy... augh, this amazing Vogue Knitting Book from 1960!!

How crazy am I?? I can't knit, I don't have time to do so and so, why?? I know.........I'm mad!!

But I couldn't resist...I thought that maybe one day, in the future (not so near I think) I will learn to knit and I will try to make at least one of these amazing outfits!!

Don't be too jealous, I will share the instructions with you, I promise!! :)

Well, stay tuned for others patterns from the Lutterloh System!!

Lutterloh System International 1979 - Pics

Here are few pictures of the outifts I can't really wait to sew for myself...

 Patterns # 36, 37, 38
 In this pattern you have two differents blouses, two skirts and a bow-collar which you can put on when you want to be more girly...
Obviously you can mix the pattern pieces as you want...
 Patterns # 54, 55, 56, 57
 Here is a pattern more romantic, with a short shirt with yoke, a skirt with in side pockets, a blouse with long loose sleeves, the belt and an other skirt with out side lovely, isn't it?
 Patterns # 142, 143, 144
These outifts are more "your boyfriend", but are so cute!! Here you have a vest, trousers and a jacket...
 Patterns # 172, 173
In this gorgeous pattern you have a dress in two different ways, one with a three levels gathered skirt, the other one with two levels and ruffles on the bust...

 Patterns # 186, 187
I decided I will sew the dress on the left for my Graduation Ceremony!! I definately adore it!! It looks more 60s than 70s, isn't it?
 Patterns # 254, 255, 256
For the next summer I will sew the first outfit, which is a romper!! So lovely with those gathered shoulders and the big pockets...and I think I will sew even the safari shirt.

 Patterns # 259, 260
Wow, this outfit is genial!! You have a dress, so simple and so stylish, and you can add on it a reversible words!!

Patterns #279, 280
This is an horse riding outfit, with a beautiful jacket and very particular now-a-day!!

sabato 30 ottobre 2010

Lutterloh System International 1979

Here is something I really would like to share with you...the Lutterloh System International, dated 1979. I bought this book in Your Pattern Shop a month ago... It is in perfect conditions, all the drawings well kept and Lisa added the Magic Scale to use the pattern.

For the ones of you who doesn't know what this system is I will explain briefly: it's a really smart way to create pattern! The patterns are in reduced scale (very little!!) but using the Magic Scale based on your bust and hip measurement you can draw the pattern on paper following few simple steps and then have a gorgeous outfit!!

giovedì 28 ottobre 2010

News, again.

First of all:sorry!
I was so busy the past week (I went back home for my anniversary with my boyfriend...) I totally forgot to post something, sorry!!

Well, but now I have few good reasons to write for...
1. I added my blog to the Sew Retro glad they welcome me!! :)
2. I bought an amazing book: "How to design your own clothes", written by Claudia Ein. It's fabulous!! I totally love it!! It's from 1975.
It really helps a lot in how to modify simple pattern (A-line dress, blouse and pants) in sooooo many fun ways!! I will soon use it, I promise...and I will post a tutorial!

Well...see you soon!

PS: if you have any doubt or problem about sewing stuff, just read this post and I will soon help you! :)

domenica 17 ottobre 2010

Sundries and Plunder Guest Giveaway

Aaaaaah, these Grosgrain's giveaway is fabulous!!
I really love this masks, expecially these in shapes of owls (brown and white):

Sundries and Plunder Guest Giveaway

Hurry up, this giveaway closes today!!

lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

Fabric Connection - Mon(day)Review

Ok, I have talked about patterns, now it's time to move on to the second step: fabric!!

I have checked so much on the interent, founding few very good fabric shop...I told about ATMLABEL last week, now it's the turn of Fabric Connection!! It's on Etsy, and I really recomend to purchase there!

I bought the black scalloped hem lace and the vintage cluny lace (look here). The owner is really kind and helpful!

Well, enjoy this shop!! :)

Fabric Fabric Fabric

And finally all the fabric I bought on internet has arrived!!

Here are the pics:

Magpie Lovely Patterns Guest Giveaway

As I told you, I felt in love with Grosgrain blog...She is amazing!!
She often offers wonderful giveaway (of dresses sewn by her, supplies, notions, patterns, gift cards).

Here is the new one:
Magpie Lovely Patterns Guest Giveaway

Let's look at these designs!! So beautiful!!

domenica 10 ottobre 2010

Tutorial - Advice

And now, it's your turn.

I follow this blog, Ruffles and Roses, and the owner is giving us (new sewing bloggers) the chance to get more popularity in the world of sewing blogs. 

What's the catch?

Well, I have to create a brand new tutorial!

So, would you like to help me, please?

First, follow me!!
You will see any updating I will post without searching for my blog.
(To follow my blog, click here if you have a google account, if not here)

Second, let me a comment in wich you expone a problem you find while working (patterns/fabric/seams/sewing machine/hems problems, whatever!). 
I will do all my best to try to help you to fix it/them.

So, please, write write write!!

giovedì 7 ottobre 2010


I'm going mad...but in a really bad way...I think I have bacame shopaholic!!
Look, in this month I bought 12 vintage patterns, 9 metres of fabric and a sewing machine! Well, I think I can determine by myself the diagnose... :)

But, how can I stop myself? I really felt in love with vintage patterns, with sewing and everything sorround this beautiful hobby.

Here is the fabric I bought yesterday on ATMLABEL ( I told you soon or later I would have purchased something on that web-shop...), for €3.70/mt (I bought 2 mts). It's 65% cotton and 35% polyester and I think it really worths the price. And I will receive it in 5 days (normally would have been 3 days, but we have to count the weekend).

On Etsy (I love this website!!) I bought 3 yards of black scalloped lace at only $2.00/yard.

Why did I bought these fabric? Here it is the reason: I want to sew this dress for the Last Year Eve... Have you recognized the dress? It's the one of Marc Jacob Blair Waldorf wore in the pilot episode of Gossip Girl. I-L-O-V-E-I-T!!
I know, it would be different, but it would be mine!!

 Last, I bought these two patterns, from filecutter and vintage sewing notions (zippers, buttons...).

See you soon,
from your shopaholic! :)

mercoledì 6 ottobre 2010


Ok, how many kilometers we have between Texas and Spain? I don't know for certain, but for sure thousands, no? Well, the last patterns I bought on Filcutter shop were shipped so fast they arrived today!! I bought them on the 29th sept, and in just a week they arrived!! Thinking I'm still waiting for patterns I bought on the 20th of sept...

One other thing quite unbelievable is about a website I found, ATMLABEL, a very cheap fabric shop! I have read few reviews and it was written they really recommend to buy on this website, although the quality is not one of the best (but we know quality is something subjective...). I think I will buy metres and metres of fabric (wool, I really want wollen fabric).

What do you think of this wool? Isn't it so similar to the one of the Lindsey cape?

It's only €5.50/mt!!

(60% wool, 40% polyamide)

This is acetate taffeta lining in burgundy.


Viscose stretch jersey with pattern (really 70's!!)

Cotton shirt gingham in purple

100% cotton, on both sides chequered.


Well, in the future I will purchase on this shop, trust me!! :)

martedì 5 ottobre 2010

Banana Republic - Inspiration 2

Well, I have seen you liked Banana Republic (I received so many views for the US and Australia...thank you!!).

Here are some skirts I really like, quite simple to make by yourself...

Military mini skirt
Silk pleat-front skirt

Paper bag skirt
Faux wrap skirt

And look at this amazing pants!!
Boyfriend cord
And if you want some more inspiration look at Outfit we love.

And, if you want to shop on this site here is a link with free coupon.

See you...

lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

Filecutter - Mon(day)Review

Welcome back to my Mon(day)Review!
I'm sorry last week I haven't written a new post, but I was really really busy (I started the University in spanish, and you know, when it's not your mother tongue....), but I finally found time to write.

Searching on Etsy I found out this wonderful vintage corner called Round to it & Vintage. Here you can find a lot of vintage collectables (I love these vintage tins, and these lovely hand craved hummingbird earrings!!), but, more over, you can find cheap vintage sewing patterns. I know, you can't believe it, but every pattern costs only $1.99 each and, if you buy 3 or more in the same purchase, the owner will lower the price to $1.59!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

I bought these two patterns:

So, let's enjoy this wonderful shop!! :)

See you soon!!

domenica 3 ottobre 2010

Banana Republic - Inspiration

I love dress, what can I do? I simply love them...and now I love to sew them by myself... :)

I was "surfing" on the internet and I found out these beautiful, gorgeous dresses from Banana Republic. They are really expensive, though they are not tailored by hand and I don't know if the dress worth the I thought: I can try to do them by myself!!

Here are the dresses I felt in love with...

Cute, eh?
I think that, using my vintage pattern Butterick 3001 I can sew the 3rd one. 
For the 2nd I think I will just need to sew the Marie skirt and then I will need to add a bodice part (to me seems quite simple) with ruffle sleeves.
The 1st one is like a "tent dress" a little more fitted with that gorgeous pleated collar! I just love it!!

But, what I really need is a good wollen fabric. Without it I can't sew anything.

Let's see if I can find something...I'll let you know...
Bye, for now.

PS: I have quite finished the linen dress, I only need to add the elastic and sew the hems...I think tomorrow I will post some pictures... I'm so excited!! :)

venerdì 1 ottobre 2010


Well, I finally went to that fabric shop I found close to my house...well, as I thought it is cheap (well, for the most fabric) but the owner doesn't have a great choise of fabric...she has good cotton, good linen, pique, denim, but the most are in polyester.

Here it is what I bought: a beautiful piece (2 m x 150 cm) of linen!!

I have copied the pattern on paper, which I bought in a roll for €0.60 (I bought it in a chinese big shop, it's a roll of paper used as table cloth, but it's really good used as I did). The pattern is one of those of the '70s I bought two weeks ago; it's composed by few pieces, but I won't sew the pockets (maybe I will add them one day in the future...).

In the mean time I started the classes at University, in a different language, so I don't know how much time it will take to me to finish it (I hope for the end of the next week, I don't know how long will last this wonderful weather we have here). 

I am not sure if I will sew the belt in linen or I will use a differnt one (bought in the stores). I have checked for some, but they are expensive and the cost doesn't worth the result: they are made of plastic.

Well, we will see...

See you soon
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