giovedì 28 ottobre 2010

News, again.

First of all:sorry!
I was so busy the past week (I went back home for my anniversary with my boyfriend...) I totally forgot to post something, sorry!!

Well, but now I have few good reasons to write for...
1. I added my blog to the Sew Retro glad they welcome me!! :)
2. I bought an amazing book: "How to design your own clothes", written by Claudia Ein. It's fabulous!! I totally love it!! It's from 1975.
It really helps a lot in how to modify simple pattern (A-line dress, blouse and pants) in sooooo many fun ways!! I will soon use it, I promise...and I will post a tutorial!

Well...see you soon!

PS: if you have any doubt or problem about sewing stuff, just read this post and I will soon help you! :)

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