sabato 20 novembre 2010

Christmas Gifts - My list of desires...

Here we are, my little letter to Santa...

I know, it's a bit early, we are only in the second middle of November, but, I switch my mind on "Christmas mood" the last week, so, for me the time is running!!
The real problem is that I'm in Spain and I have to think to all the gift I have to buy for my family and friends and take them to Italy...

For now, I bought the gift for my's a very big surprise!! :)

Here is what I would like to see under the tree this year...
(I will up-to-date it the more I see something I like...stay tuned!!)

Infinity wrap (here)
 Beginner's Knitting Book

2011 Petit Diary (here)
One-Yard Wonders (here)
P.S. - I made this... (here)

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