lunedì 8 novembre 2010

Monday Tuts

First of all, today arrived the Vogue vintage knitting book!! I totally love it!!
I checked on the internet to see if I can learn to knit in a quite quick way...well, we can say I'm still searching...(if you know a good website in which is explained how to start to knit, please tell me!!)...

Let's start with the new Monday post: The Monday Tuts!!

It's a variation of my Mon(day)Review...about tutorials I found here and there... :)

Here is a fabulous tutorial to create leather bows!

Here is a craft tute to sew a fantastic puff!!

Do you need a luch bag with a vintage style? Here it is...

And what do you think of this pencil case? Cute, huh?

(Just click on each picture to be redirected to the tutorials!)

Well, have a good week!

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