venerdì 5 novembre 2010

Vintage Shirt - Inspiration

Hi everyone, hope everything is fine!
Today I had a devastating day: my very first exam in spanish...Gosh, 80 question in just 1 hour!!Even my spanish classmates complaint to the professor...but we all new otorinolaringologists are quite deaf...

Well, reaching the point, I am searching some inspiration for my next next project...a vintage shirt, made with a very vintage fabric!! I bought it on this shop, from this amazing girl, Suzannah, who writes on this blog: she creates wanderful things!!She is so skilled and talented!!

It's so cute, isn't it??

By the way, what do you think of these shirts??
This is the Alexander blouse from Burda Style.

And here is the JJ blouse, always by Burda Style.

And this a JJ shirt made from a Burda Style member: the Rockabilly JJ. I love it!!

Mmh, difficult choice!!
I think I will make one the moment I will start the project...I'm quite sure the inspiration will come alone... :)

See you soon, I'll post pictures of my ended work!!....finally.....

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