venerdì 14 gennaio 2011

San Valentine crafting

So, how were you holidays? Mine were fabulous!! I staid in Italy three weeks and I enjoyed every single second I passed there!! :)

And now, let's show you same cute crafting for San Valentine...It will be in a month!! <3

Hope you enjoy, and I'm sorry for the looooong waiting!!

Candy Heart pillows (here)
Pom pom (here)

(And here it is a very short tute to how to create pom poms!!)

Felt Fortune Cookies (here)

And here it is warm idea for your neck during these chill month (here in Spain I now have 22°C, so I don't need it...)...

Winter warmer cowl (here)

See you soon, I promise!! ;)

2 commenti:

  1. thank you for the great tutorials. Such cute crafts!

  2. You are welcome!! :)
    I really hope to create some of these cute crafts one day or the other...but it's time what I don't have...


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