mercoledì 15 settembre 2010

Shabby Apple's Dare to Design!! The Nina Swing Dress

Well...I dare!
I know, I can't draw well like a designer (I study medicine, sorry), I can't sew like a stylist, but I can imagine like everyone does, and more, I can dream...and I want to dare!

Shabby Apple's Contest

 This is my dress design for Shabby Apple's dresses:
 Please, forgive my English, it's not my mother tongue...
Let me introduce it...The orginal idea was something ethereal, I really like sheer dresses but I know they can't suite women, so I preferred to use shades...two levels for the skirt and only one for the top. I have chosen a silk chiffon georgette for the sunburst skirt to create the sheer, using it over a dupion silk fabric, used both under the chiffon and for the top, to create something well the project the sleeves are in chiffon, with pleats at the end...
Secondly, I love pintucks!!I put them on the top, because they give a vintage look at the garment, and as a continous I design this sunburst skirt, in chiffon. In the project I put pleats along the collar and on the edges of sleeves...the dress has buttons on the front, a lot of them...
I have chosen as color the peach one, because it makes me think of something sweet, smooth and, even though peaches are not spring fruits, they remind me something like the sun and the heath of it...but I think the dress could be delicious in light green (as Manzana Swing Dress, manzana is apple in spanish...) and in light blue (Cielo Swing Dress, cielo is sky in italian...), they can recall spring, can't they?? :)
Finally, I called this dress NINA SWING DRESS...
So, my inspiration are the fresh frizzy air of spring, the sun and fruits...

Finger crossed!!

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