venerdì 1 ottobre 2010


Well, I finally went to that fabric shop I found close to my house...well, as I thought it is cheap (well, for the most fabric) but the owner doesn't have a great choise of fabric...she has good cotton, good linen, pique, denim, but the most are in polyester.

Here it is what I bought: a beautiful piece (2 m x 150 cm) of linen!!

I have copied the pattern on paper, which I bought in a roll for €0.60 (I bought it in a chinese big shop, it's a roll of paper used as table cloth, but it's really good used as I did). The pattern is one of those of the '70s I bought two weeks ago; it's composed by few pieces, but I won't sew the pockets (maybe I will add them one day in the future...).

In the mean time I started the classes at University, in a different language, so I don't know how much time it will take to me to finish it (I hope for the end of the next week, I don't know how long will last this wonderful weather we have here). 

I am not sure if I will sew the belt in linen or I will use a differnt one (bought in the stores). I have checked for some, but they are expensive and the cost doesn't worth the result: they are made of plastic.

Well, we will see...

See you soon

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