lunedì 1 novembre 2010

Lutterloh System International 1979 - Pics II

Here I'm with new pictures from the Lutterloh System International, dated 1979...
In this case I will post patterns suitable for fuller figures...they are really cute outfits!!

Patterns # 96, 97, 98
This is a great pattern for the office!
The skirt has a front opening, and the jacket has two different sleeves: one over the elbow and the other one under it.

 Patterns # 111, 112
Who said that curved women can't be sexy??
With this evening dress with three different sleeves (without, long and over-elbow poofy sleeves) you will be perfect for a evening out with your boyfriend!!
 Patterns # 113, 114
I think with this look you can rock in every place in the world!!
Patterns # 134, 135
For a very fresh look, choose this can wear this dress to go shopping, to go out with friends, even for a lunch out with collegues...

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