venerdì 17 settembre 2010

Some Inspiration: Nina A/W 2010/2011

I know, it's a sign...this name return back to way, it has to be a reason...
I have called my contest design Nina Swing Dress in honour of my cousin and best friend Nina, who died 3 years and a half ago...and now I found out this amazing stylist who has called her Autumn-Winter collection of this year is her reason:

'Nińa' A/W 2010 - 2011
'Nińa' is inspired by the destiny of Eunice Kathleen Waymon, known as Nina Simone. All she wanted was to play the piano. Instead she started to sing and became passionate about the civil rights movement. She was as much talented as she was stubborn. 'Nińa' is about both the strengths and fragility of one woman, who falls under 'supergirl' category.
Here is her website ---> Ludmila Corlateanu
I have chosen few pictures to share with you...

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